About The Site

This web history, like many things in life, stemmed largely from the question, “how did we get here?”  In taking American University’s Histories of Education class, I got a much more in-depth understanding of education in the United States from the pre-colonial era forward, but I was curious as to how exactly it took that final leap from the recent past to the present day.

In looking at the information out there, it appears that the transition from the local and state controlled learning institutions that educated generations of americans to the schools we see today was the result of both broad social changes and the effects of the Cold War.  While neither is entirely responsible for the changes, when taken together, they provide a clearer picture of how we arrived to the present day

This is by no means an exhaustive study of the time period, instead it is created as a concise and informative “jumping-off point,” an attempt to find the thread that spans from the schoolhouses of old to the modernized, standardized classroom of the present day.  That said, I invite you to click around, explore, and gain a better understanding of how exactly we did get here.



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